This is a busy time. Everyone has so much to do. We have bills to pay, appointments to keep, people to see and things to do. In business we have to make sure to stay on top of the latest technologies and marketing techniques. We have to provide remarkable products and services. We have to promote, network, follow up, propose, negotiate, over-deliver, stay in touch, and insist on remarkable results.

And now the holiday season is upon us. We have gifts to buy, cards to send, parties to attend, preparations to make, and then, even more bills to pay. How can we get it all done?

Slow down. Take a deep breath.

Working ourselves into an overwhelmed lather doesn’t help anyone. I am all to familiar with this self-destructive cycle. One thing I’ve discovered that helps me when I feel a rush of overwhelm coming on is to stop. Take a deep breath. Close my eyes. Think about something calm and serene – like an ocean vista, or clouds in the sky.

Maybe you don’t have 20 minutes every morning and evening for a meditation session. (Here’s an article that might convince you otherwise…) But it’s usually possible to close our eyes for a few seconds, take a deep breath, and picture an image of serenity. You can even do this during a meeting, or while waiting in traffic.

When you start to feel the pressures rise, go to your own personal “happy place”. No one else will know. It’s a simple trick, but you’ll be surprised at the results!