Outside the Box

Out of the BoxDo you think ouside the box? What is thinking outside the box?

Thinking outside the box has become a cliche to describe how creative someone is. Ironic, isn’t it?

If you have to think outside the box, it implies that there is a box in which you normally operate. You have some problem that requires “out of the box thinking” so that you can solve it. Then, once you’ve got it licked, you can climb back into your nice, comfortable, constrained box again.

What if we just decided that boxes don’t apply here? That every minute of every day is an “out of the box” experience? What if our only constraints were what was legal, moral, and ethical? What if failure is just evidence that you’re exploring new ideas or approaches?

I love the scene in Meet the Robinsons when Lewis’ invention makes a mess all over the family, and they all cheer because he failed. You learn more from failure than you do success. Now he had more information that he could use to come up with a better solution.

Get out of the box. Throw it away. Do something amazing today. And tomorrow. And every minute of every day.