I Promise

Broken PromiseHave you ever had someone promise to do something for you – and then NOT do it?
How did you feel?

  • Powerless
  • Frustrated
  • Resentful
  • Diminished/destroyed trust level

What are some of the ways that other people let us down?

  • Arriving late to appointments
  • Delivering poor quality work
  • Late delivery of product or service
  • Late payment / no payment
  • Broken promises – to call, to meet, to do something

Trust takes a long time to build and a moment to destroy

When a business treats you like this, do you keep it to yourself? Of course not! You want to protect your other friends and business associates from someone like this!

So do YOU ever do things like this? Why!

Here are some excuses I can think of:

  • I’m so busy / overcommitted
  • The work really isn’t that important
  • The relationship isn’t really that important
  • They’ll understand – they know me!
  • I’ll make it up to them
  • This was a favor anyway.

To all of these excuses, I say: BULL – ONEY!

One of the fundamental requirements of successful business is integrity. So this is really a question of character.

If you repeatedly break commitments, or waffle on quality, that’s an indication that you don’t take your business seriously, or you don’t respect yourself.

What are some strategies we can use to break bad habits that are such poison to our business?

1) Learn to say, “No.” Would you rather get a “maybe” (that really means, “No”) than a “No?” Of course not! Treat your business associates with the same respect you would like to receive: just tell them the truth so they can move on!

2) Promise only what you can OVER deliver! If a deliverable depends on all the stars aligning, and no interruptions, and everything going smoothly, you will miss delivery at least every time. Nothing EVER goes as planned!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Perform your business with integrity and you will begin to win more business than you can handle.