Inspired by a Homeless Guy

Homeless Man

It was late and I saw a homeless guy on the corner. I usually smile and wave when I see panhandlers, since I usually don’t carry cash with me, but want to give them something. I’m sure most people avoid making eye contact, so a friendly smile can make a big difference in someone feeling like they exist. I’ve been “looked through” before and it’s a very unsettling feeling. But I digress.

Since it was already dark, I was hesitant to roll down my window.┬áIt turns out I missed my light, so as he walked up to the light, I remembered I had some change, so I decided to make a new friend. I offered him the couple of dollars in change. He was grateful for anything. Then he said, “Well, you won’t see me here for long. I’m getting a job, and getting my life straightened out. I have two things in my favor: I have God on my side, and I don’t drink!”

He was full of enthusiasm and energy. I was really impressed! I’ve never seen such an optimistic homeless person. Especially after a long day on the corner. This guy was cheering ME up! I asked his name, he said, “Dave.” I promised to pray for him.

Please pray for Dave. He may be enthusiastic now, but I could tell life had been really hard for him. He’s got a long, tough, road ahead. But his attitude will serve him well!