Why we Need Self-Discipline

External Motivation

In Napoleon Hill’s “Master Key to Riches” he identifies self-discipline as THE master key. Why is this? What is so important about self-discipline?

Brian Tracy says, “If you cannot focus and concentrate, then you will have to work for someone else who will make you focus and concentrate.” In short, most people have jobs because they don’t have the self-discipline to run their own business. This is why many school teachers have their salaries distributed evenly over the year, since they can’t discipline themselves to save up to get through the summer break.

It all comes down to maturity: are you able to motivate yourself to do what you have to do – especially when you don’t want to do it? Or do you have to have some external source of motivation?

How important is freedom to you? If you require external motivation, then you will sell your freedom for a low hourly wage rather than work to build an income stream that could free you forever.

Self-discipline. It really is the master key to riches!